Woo Partners Planning Analytics

Improve Sales Planning with Data Analytics and Tracking

Woo Partners Planning Analytics is the marketing software in the market that allows users to create strategic units based on products, districts, and thana. Users can set target for strategic units and track sales real time. It is one of the most sophisticated marketing planning tool in Bangladesh.


Plan with Greater Accuracy

Marketers need to evolve their planning and analysis strategies to include extended planning and analytics. This means creating a single source of truth about sales to streamline planning, manage performance and build alignment across the enterprise.

Woo Partners Planning analytics suite is an integrated planning solution that allows you to transcend the limits of manual planning. This solution lets user to create strategic units so managers can quickly create more accurate plans and forecasts, sales, supply chain and beyond—all on one platform. Track results in real-time, accelerate decision making and drive higher performance, all at the speed of modern business.

Marketers cannot realize the value of their sales data if they rely on manual, disconnected, and error-prone processes. Woo Partners Planning Analytics allows users to unify and streamline planning, budgeting and forecasting, across every distribution region.

Use Woo Partners Planning Analytics suite to create strategic units, set targets, and track sales.

Improve the accuracy and reliability of your sales plans

Manage, analyze and contribute to plans with an easy-to-use digital experience

Identify trends and drill down into data with built-in reporting and analysis capabilities.

Build trust using in a single source of truth

Get forecasts with a holistic view of performance

Plan and track strategic sales units real time

Planning Analytics

Manage Bangladesh Wide Sales from One Place

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Create Strategic Units

Fit Analytics with Operations
Planning Analytics3

Advanced Visualization

Get Details Beyond Normal
Planning Analytics

Compare Strategic Units

Check Performance Every Day
Planning Analytics 4

Track Sales Real Time

Track Sales of Distributors

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