Sports Analytics for Schools

Python Partners has developed a sports analytics software for Bangladeshi schools that would like to improve the sports performances of students.  

What is Sports Analytics?

Sports analytics is the analysis of sports data, including components of sports such as player performance, business operations, and recruitment. The data offers an advantage to both individuals and teams participating in a competition and sports enterprises. Establishing parameters for measurement, like hit or fumble rate, and consistently collecting data from a broad sample is the basis of the analytics process. This data is then curated and optimized to improve the accuracy and usability of the results.

Sports data + statistical analysis

= Sports Analytics.

That’s the gist of it in simple terms. It’s about using the hard numbers combined with complex data analysis methodology, not ‘gut feelings’.

Why it is Important for Players?

With the current available technology, sports analysts are able to take data and create insightful yet simple visualizations to communicate to other key decision makers of a team. Schools can use the sports analytics software from Python Partners to manage and understand their data. Communicating data efficiently is what sports analytics all comes down to. Without people to analyze and interpret these numbers, they have no meaning to other players in the school and across the country. Anyone can create a statistic, but if they are not able to explain the meaning behind how it can help improve the team, then the statistic is useless.

Sports analytics are crucial to many students by helping them become their best through interpretation and analysis of statistics gained in practices and games. As technology and resources are progressing for data collection, sports analytics is a growing field as teams are looking to have a competitive advantage against their opponents. In the technology savvy world, we live in, it only makes sense to use data and sports analytics as an advantage in taking sports teams to a new and improved level. The sports industry uses sports analysis to increase revenue, improve player performance and a team’s quality of play, prevent injury and for many more enhancements. All this data is a great resource; however, it serves no use without people to interpret and analyze how it may be useful



Why it is Important for Schools?

Sports analytics is very important in schools. Sports Analytics helps teams to get valuable information from the data and practice them to enhance the performance of the team. It uses figures from individual players to measure their performance and make informed decisions on how to use them in their team. It also provides information that helps in the recruitment of sports persons and diet programs to maximize their performance. Sports analytics use data to improve the participation of fans and increase sales of tickets and merchandise, leading to higher profitability.

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