Improve Customer Data Management (CDM) with Woo Partners

Woo Partners offer a powerful set of tools to extract consumer data from the transactions. The Customer Data Management suite of applications is essential for  better Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Customer Relationship Management provides strategies and software to enable your company to organize and optimize its customer relation. It helps for managing a company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. It also helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Woo Partners Customer Data Management suite includes reports and visualizations about customers that are instrumental for excellent customer relationship management.

Taking a deep dive in your data, Woo Partners provides valuable insights on every customer. Users can find all purchase details of a customer or get a list of all customers who purchased a single product. These and many other powerful tools provide users top notch marketing analytics that they want to know almost every day.

Customer Data Management for Better CRM

CRM helps to spend less time digging through spreadsheets and more time selling. It automatically tracks emails, calls, and meetings. You can close deals fast — whether you’re working at the office or on the road. CRM helps to add speed, intelligence, and personalization to every transaction. It updates your data anytime with the Sales force mobile app.

Use Woo Partners Customer Data Management suite to make better decisions about your CRM activities. 

Trustworhy reporting

Dashboards that visually showcase data

Improved messaging with segmentation

Deep KNowledge

Efficiency enhanced by insights

Simplified collaboration

Customer Data Management

Tangible benefits of Woo Partners analytics platform

Woo Partners CRM

Market Basket Analysis

Know about Purchase Patterns

Customer Details

Get the Details of a Customer

Product Buyers

Find Customers by SKU
Woo Partners CRM

Customer Segmentation

Find High Value Customers


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    CDM is a suite of application in Woo Partners

    The basic subscription of Woo Partners can be enhanced with Customer Data Management suite of applications.

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    Woo Partners CDM offers analytics on existing customers by using the data in your store server.

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