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WordPress Intranet

From Python Partners

Password Protected
Sales Management

An Internal
e-Commerce Website

The Easy Way

We offer the easiest way to get intranet and analytics to Bangladeshi manufacturers

Manufacturing companies can now use secure intranet to store their data in WordPress WooCommerce website. A WordPress WooCommerce website provides them the advantage of integrating with sales analytics platform Woo Partners. 

Analytics Ready

Connect WordPress Intranet
with Woo Partners

Once the intranet is ready, then it is just a matter of connecting
the site with Woo Partners platform and then 80+ reports can be availed.

Built with WordPress & WooCommerce

Input Sales Record

Sales team can save sales data in a password protected intranet

Corporate sales records must not be open to the public. Organizations can safely record sales data and get analytics in secured intranets.

Don't hesitate that Woo Partners sales analytics is for e-Commerce businesses only

An intranet is essential for getting sales analytics for any business other than an e-commerce business.

An intranet is essential for procurement analytics subscription by all types of businesses.

Get Started with an Intranet

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