Why Work With
Python Partners?

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Understanding the Awareness - Awakening - Choice Process

Python Partners helps businesses and individuals in increasing self-awareness and in making better choices. Companies and individuals perform in dynamic situations, even though most chaotic situations are explainable through some theories. It is better to understand situations well for personal growth and to secure a good return on investment. Our four analytics software are connected in the spirit of performing well in competitions. Whether the competition is in sales, purchasing, sports, or education, we empower participants with greater self-awareness. We help those who are in pressure for improvement. Analytics is pointless if there is no alternative course of action. We work in the spirit of finding the best choice ahead.

Our analytics software are the starting point of getting valuable reports and charts in a journey of self-awareness and self development. Reports are useful and actions make reports useful. Our analytics provide a base for brainstorming, experimentation, decision making, and discussion with stakeholders.

It is better to use analytics as a base for discussion rather than depending on random information on social media apps. Human decisions and behaviours are influenced by the technologies people use. It is therefore important to adopt an informative technology like the analytics applications of Python Partners than to give social media greater control of thoughts and actions to the. Our analytics are truly relevant to the user.

The fundamental reason behind working with Python Partners is to understand the complexities in the competitive landscape and to find a choice. The prerequisites are an inquisitive mindset, a need for improvement, and a commitment to make  better choices. Our software are made through an innovative process. Once the analytics are seen, there could be behavioural implications in users. They could think what alternatives are available ahead. Ideally, users of our solutions want some analytics as a basis for the steps ahead. As an organization, we aim to fulfil that need with useful solutions.

Tangible Benefits

Sales Analytics

For manufacturing companies, e-commerce businesses, and importers

  1. Better Sales Performance
  2. Increased Brand Value
  3. Increased Share Value
  4. Less Shareholder Pressure
  5. Increased Accountability
  6. Less Ambiguity
  7. Less Disagreements

Procurement Analytics

For manufacturing companies, e-commerce businesses, and importers

  1. Better Purchase Management
  2. Better Stock Management
  3. Better Operations
  4. Better Customer service
  5. Increased Savings
  6. Less Waste
  7. Reduced Delivery Time

Sports Analytics

For schools, colleges, universities, and sports clubs

  1. Better Sports Performance
  2. Better Fitness
  3. Better Team Performance
  4. Improved Game Strategy
  5. Improved Coaching
  6. Increased Brand Value of School
  7. Increased Student Satisfaction

Education Analytics

For school students

  1. Better Exam Performance
  2. Better Time Management
  3. Better Scheduling
  4. Improved Confidence
  5. Improved Task Management
  6. Syllabus Completion
  7. Reduced Stress

Why Not to Work
with Python Partners?

We are interested to work with clients who already have a strong self-awareness and who are ready to make choices. To ensure that our software, training, websites, and other services add value to our clients, users need to control environmental shocks. Without appropriate risk management and understanding of the costs, any endeavour becomes vulnerable to failure. Python Partners is interested to work with clients with a good risk management policy at place and who understand their cost structure. We are not interested in clients who are prone to failure for preexisting issues or who are rigid to change. 

We aspire to work with extremely selected clients after careful scrutiny to ensure our reputation and employee morale remain positive. It is essential to have a robust discussion with Python Partners about the expectations and challenges so that an assessment can be made about the potential of success with our solutions. If a prospect has a history of botched plans, chronic failures, no control of costs, no control of environmental shocks, and are surrounded with stakeholders who have other plans, then we shall not enter that storm.  Similarly, if a prospect has only one choice and no alternative course of action, then analytics will not add much value to that prospect.

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