HTML E-newsletter


HTML e-Newsletters

Python Partners have three packages of service offers for HTML Newsletters

The service is suitable for clients who want to attract their website visitors with stunning html webpages in their email. Proper utilization of HTML coding ensures a definite competitive advantage over the competitor’s newsletters and makes the visitors know about the monthly activities of a company.

Python Partners is ready to help you to tell your story in the smartest possible way with html newsletters. We will listen to your needs and give you solutions that are simply amazing and often beyond your expectations. As experts, we will show you what is possible.

Here are three packages consist News Gathering, Content Writing (Headlines, & Stories), HTML Coding, and Modification in a smart and engaging way to attract the receivers and to gain an absolute competitive advantage over the competitor’s newsletters.

Please contact our customer service representatives and we shall help you find the right solution for your enterprise.


Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

News Gathering
Content Development (Content Writing: Newsletters Stories, Headlines, Images)
Number of Newsletters 1 6 12
HTML Coded Emails 1 6 12
Deliverables Email with Embedded HTML Newsletter Email with Embedded HTML Newsletter Email with Embedded HTML Newsletter


1500 BDT

8,500 BDT

16,000 BDT

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