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Python Partners has developed a software for education analytics to help Bangladeshi school students do well in their studies. Get more organized and improve your learning experience with us.

What is Education Analytics?

Data and analytics are essential for anticipating the future and responding proactively to changing trends in the dynamic world of education. The education analytics software developed by Python Partners is aimed to help students move beyond merely studying haphazardly to applying sophisticated analytics that can bring about systemic improvements. With industry expertise and analytic solutions built specifically for school students, education analytics empowers both students and parents to glean deeper insights from better data to improve study outcomes across the continuum.

Educational analytics application allows data collection in education contexts to find meaningful correlations and mine intelligence. This type of analytics is based on intelligence that can inform study decisions and improve student performance.

Students and Parents can Subscribe

Not only they can see what their performance is but also they can get reports of students across the country.

Why is Education Analytics Important?

Not only can education analytics give students and parents the ability to make smarter, data-driven decisions, it can help improve academic results as well. Insights learned from education data can give students a real-time visualization of their performance and help them choose the study concentration or major that makes sense for them.

In more detail, learning-specific targets can help both students and parents by:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of course components and resources
  • Identifying patterns to improve student knowledge retention
  • Emphasizing resources that increase test performance over time
  • Identifying discussions and teaching components that give rise to richer essay composition
  • Comparing student performance with national averages to drive decisions about faculty acquisition and placement
  • Identify academically at-risk student performance and suggest interventions such as targeted tutoring or counseling
  • Compare current and previous applicant data to drive decisions about admissions and improve overall institutional performance
  • Discover patterns in differences between expected student behavior and outcomes
  • Recognize patterns leading to drop-out and intervene accordingly
  • Course success rates

The software is for home use by students and parents on a monthly subscription basis.

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